Making a decision.

One year ago, I made the decision that I would do what it takes to fulfill my life purpose. I’m committed to myself; I’m committed to my family and friends. As women, we pride ourselves on taking care of others.  We commit ourselves to our partners, our best friends, our colleagues, our extended families, and the list goes on and on. 

When I made the decision to commit to myself, it meant facing fears, dealing with challenges, embracing diversity, accepting love, being comfortable to feel all types of emotions, including confronting many things that I ran from for a very long period of time.

I was stuck! 

I don’t know about you, but I was stuck! I didn’t know which direction I wanted my career path to go, and I didn’t know how to figure it out. I was also very affected by certain people’s opinions and didn’t feel fully in charge of my own life. I was in a constant state of reacting and putting others before myself. I was afraid and scared to feel let down. Or, what if things didn’t go the way I wanted? Or, thinking everything would work out perfect instead of stepping out on faith.

So I got unstuck, and decided it was time to talk to someone and get all these emotions out.  I knew I needed a "new perspective", so I could get on the right path to start my dreams, and do what I wanted to do without being afraid. Does this sound familiar to you? You have to own your own life, make a decision for yourself first.

The first thing I did was ask myself questionsDon’t you normally inquire about your friend’s feelings, thoughts, and days? Turn that attention to yourself. Try asking yourself about what’s going on with your body, energy, or spirit.  How do you feel today? Why? How can you care for yourself?  Do you need more sleep?  Better nutrition?  Exercise?  Human interaction? Comforting?

 It’s not easy!

Making a commitment to care for yourself is a very proactive move. It requires contemplation, honesty, love, and growth.  I’m asking you to be completely in tune with the inner workings about how you feel, what you love and what you want from life.  It takes a BOLD & BRAVE woman to take on the challenge and working with a coach to put a plan in place, was the right decision. 

- S. Taylor