Dedicated team. People focused.

We are a group of people experts that believe every individual and business is unique 
and requires tailored solutions to achieve the best results.


For Businesses: We deliver customized end-to-end people solutions to meet your business objectives. We help you identify  business strategies, address any gaps, and tailor a solution to achieve business results, enable an effective culture, and support an engaged workforce. We are your HR business partners helping to unlock your organization's potential through your people. We advise through all aspects of business and people planning, from the start (business and HR strategy), to the middle (employment management and  development), to the end (workforce and succession planning).

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For Consumers: We deliver a cohesive experience supporting you throughout your career journey. We help you to identify your ambitions, understand your gaps, and tailor a plan to your specific aspirations. We are your personal HR advisor catered to all your people needs. We coach you through all aspects of your career, from the start (resume writing and interviewing), to the middle (skills assessment and professional coaching), to the end (development and career growth).  


For Government Agencies: We partner, at all levels, to actively seek and evaluate human capital procurement opportunities. Our team of people experts bring their broadened perspectives, deepened expertise, and heightened passion to deliver a cohesive and captivating experience. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the public-sector and private-sector by bringing industry best practices to help agencies deliver desired results. At our core, we are more than partners and advisers; we are creative problem-solvers and strategic solution-architects on any human capital topic, regardless of industry and market.

A better way of delivering people and business innovations.

Our team of people experts.

HR&Co. a human capital firm that focuses on providing state-of-the-art tailored business and human resources solutions for the businesses, individual consumers, and the government. We are a team of people experts that believe every individual and business is unique, and through hand-to-hand partnerships and advisory, we help our clients find a better way of delivering people and business innovations.

At HR&Co., we honor our commitments and pride ourselves on providing every client we support with a consistent, high-quality, and engaging experience.

Our goal is help you drive business results. 


Ticki Varnado, MBA

Senior Partner and Managing Director


Alexia Evans
ASSociate Specialist, Media

HR Consultants

A team of HR consultants with more than 25 years of combined HR experience.

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Associate Consultant, Business Experience

HR Project Managers

A team of HR professionals with direct experience in project and program management.

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Shelby Taylor
Associate Consultant, Consumer Experience

HR Partner Network

HR&Co. has a dedicated network of partners and collaborators across various industries and markets.

What sets us apart.

Our mission says it all.

Dedicated team. People focused.

Our commitment to you is the foundation and defines the way we work together, what you can expect from us, and the value we will deliver. Every recommendation and solution is backed by our team of people experts and our partner network to ensure we deliver on your needs and your expectations. 


Business and human resources strategic consulting aimed to help plan and optimize cost and use of capital in order to maximize profitability and performance.


Consulting, coaching, and advisory services to help manage individuals’ career plans and workplace challenges to drive exponential professional growth.


Bridging the gap between the public-sector and private-sector by bringing industry best practices to help agencies deliver desired results.