While reflecting on the last 18 years of my work as an HR Leader, I began to wonder, “What are the nuggets of information I could share with people to help them become more successful in their personal and professional life?” And for companies that are growing, “How can I help them create the best culture where their employees could deliver their best at all times?”

My thanks to all of the leaders and great organizations that supported my development and helped to evolve me into the leader I am today. Above all else, I owe a debt of gratitude to all of the professionals that were willing to allow me to learn from them.   Anyone reading this blog may wonder, what’s new? What can I possibly learn?  As I’ve contemplated these points myself, I realized that I had a different approach.  My approach is simple; give you the bottom line on top (BLOT), and tell you what really matters and how this information can play out for your overall good.

I’ve learned so much from my experience as a leader, but most importantly, my greatest learning's comes from my experience as an employee.  During my time, I’ve seen so many shifts…things that worked well, and things that did not.   Things that I wish I knew, before hand, to deliver and be a better leader and professional.

This blog is simply designed to enable growth. It’s designed to share nuggets of information from HR and business leaders, in many industries, to drive the right impact.

- Senior Partner & Managing Director, HR&Co.